Pillows are also in our products, starting from the filler for pillows up to the the finished product. 

After winning production of silicone balls for pillows, eventually, we made great progress in quality. This opened up the possibility of expanding the product range. Ilićtekstil is fully completed the process of making pillows, from making fillers (silicone balls for pillows), through stitching fabric with blockade or without it, until the final product in all standard sizes and shapes, and the imaginative, unusual shapes such as horseshoe, heart, roller ... 


Pahulje za jastuk


Our pillows are antiallergic, antibacterial and very adaptable to the anatomical shape of the head and neck, and after use can be easily returned to the original shape. They are cared simply by washing in the washing machine.









Pillow dimensions: 80x80, 60x80, 40x80, 70x70, 50x70, 60x40, 40x40, 30x40.



Created by G.N.