We are making shoulderpads in several types for male, female and child clothes. By the type of used material, they are devided in three basic groups:


  • sponge shoulderpads for blouses, shirts, clothes, coats...
  • wool shoulderpads for clothes, coats...
  • synthetic fiber shoulderpads for blouses, shirts, costumes...


Female program for blouses and costumes, made of sponge, coated sarmez.



Female program for blouses and costumes, made of sponge, flizelin coated. Shoulderpad is asymmetrical and lifts shoulder, and covers its larger surface.



Shoulderpads with emphasized raglan.



Raglan Shoulderpad sarmez coated, for summer`s lady-made clothing.



Raglan for winter`s ready-made clothing coated with felt.



Male shoulderpad coated with flizelin, used for female costumes and coats.



Iglani program. Shoulderpads made of wool and in wool/sponge combination.



Pressed shoulderpads made of thermobondig cotton and wool, for male and female ready-made clothing.



Pressed shoulderpads of thermobondig cotton for female clothes. There are three versions: L, AL, i MR.


Because we wanted to master complete program of shoulderpads, I ilictekstil mastered production sarmez for female and fliss flizelin for male part of program. Also, ilictekstilcompletely prepares wool for shoulderpads, starting from washing to final assemble.

Created by G.N.