By processing thermobonding nonwovens with thermobonding procedure we have reduced penetration of fibers through line materials.



Thermobonding nonwovens is product made by stacking hollow polyester fibers, designed for clothes, home textil (pillows, quilts, ...) and furniture (upholstery for beds, chairs, ...).

ilictekstil is making thermobonding nonwovens starting from 40 g/m2 up to 500 g/m2.


One of main characteristics of our thermobonding nonwovens is surface treatment by "thermobonding" procedure, which provides protection from penetration of fibers through lining materials.

Surface treatment can go to first level of surface plastification.

Our new product is felt with different weight (from 200 g/m2 up to 700 g/m2) and hardness, with broad application in shoe and rubber industry. It can be used for sound and heat isolation, for different gaskets, for polishing, upholstering, for insoles, for manufacturing orthopedics appliances, for air filtering, etc. Depending of it's purpose, felt is made from 1,5m up to 2,2m.

Created by G.N.