ilictekstil was founded in 1986 god. This company is private property of entire Ilic family. Main role in company have members of family, so we can say that ilictekstil is family company. After company was founded, ilictekstil began shoulderpads production. The decision to produce shoulderpads was made based on the fact that our market has imported this product from the west. In the beginning, we have produced simpliest models of shoulderpads, and they were made of sponge. Those shoulderpads could be used for classic female clothes. To make those shoulderpads, we have used machines that we have imported from abroad.

As the company have developed, assortment of shoulderpads have grown, and we started to expand our market. We have made new products, that could satisfy demands of famous confection producers in the country and abroad. As our production expanded, we have purchased new production equipment. We have increased the number of workers, too. Beside new machines, thanks to its expirience and knowledge, ilictekstil constructed and enhanced many machines and tools. That way, we gained our own technology, that made us more concurent than other shoulderpads manufacturers. ilictekstil also started using new natural and synthetic materials in shoulderpads production.

At the beginning, ilictekstil company employed members of the family and only two workers; today, 20 years after, ilictekstil employs 100 workers, it has 2500 square meters of production, 4 shopping centers, its own development and the strategy for years to come.


ilictekstil aims at the european market. We are convinced that the quality of our products is high, and that our capacities are large enough for European market.

One of our goals is to make better image of our company and to implement quality standards. So far we Mi smo i do sada postizali visok nivo kvaliteta u svom asortimanu proizvoda i usluga. That reflects our philosophy, that strives towards continuous quality improvement by satisfying our customers needs. Because of that, our company have responded to an appeal of the market to improve quality based on quality standards JUS ISO 9000.

We are aware that the company that stops developing is not good any more . Therefore, our goal is to continuously improve ourself and to continuously monitor our customers needs. This strategy is constituent part of our quality policy. Competitivenes of our company now and in the future depends on the quality of our products and services. Therefore we have decided to implement quality system based on the standards JUS ISO 9000.


Main characteristics of our family company are long duration and long lasting of its existence and development. Characteristics such as persistence, confidence, security and stability, that apply to family companies, we want to embed into the new form required by the standards JUS ISO 9000.

ilictekstil develops quality system based on the requirements of standards JUS ISO 9000. Satisfying our customer requirements and expectations is our priority. Key elements in achieveing culture of work and culture of quality are planning and tracking of all activities, establishing responsibility on all levels, defining quality procedures and quality manuals for all activities, prevention of faults, tracking and reduceing quality costs. We will implement those requests by permanent education of our workers and by using modern quality tools. It will help us to catch up faster with the quality of world leading manufacturers of shoulderpads.



Our strategy is to make family company in the village. We have decided to locate our company in the village because of security of our workers, their inherited positive attitude towards work and family, and their readiness to learn and acquire new technologies, and because of healthy environment.

By implementing quality standards based on JUS ISO 9000, we want to create better living and working conditions for our workers, to improve our society, to increase profit, to provide job for our suppliers, and to expand our market.

We are continously trying to create working environment that motivates every our worker to realize every challenge of their work.


Im order to promote it's products, Ilictekstil is regular exibitor on many fairs in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Skopje.

So far, you could visit our exibitions and see the quality we are offering in following fashion, textile and hotel fairs:

Belgrade Fashion Fair Skopje Fashion Fair Home Textile Fair, Belgrade

Don't miss the oportunity to visit us there.

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